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General Wellness, Pain Relief, ACL Reconstruction Rehab, Parkinson's Disease


General Wellness

"Cameron was highly recommended to me by a 10+ year female client of his.  In the first 6 months of personal training sessions with him, the results were nothing short of remarkable.  After a fracture resulting in surgery, Cameron worked methodically and patiently to restore my strength and range of motion."


"I've been training with Cameron for 10 years.  I'm in my mid-50's and I should be getting weaker as I get older-- but, I keep getting stronger every year.  I've avoided sports injury because I am strong and resilient.  When I workout with Cameron I know I'm never doing damage, and never wasting a minute."


"Cameron has been my mentor for nearly a decade.  I have been through several major physical setbacks in that time including hospitalizations.  I have also at times been healthy and energetic.  Cameron has done a fabulous job of adjusting our routines based on my changing abilities.  I always walk out of our sessions feeling better than when I walked in."


TRX Program

Pain Relief

"As a veteran cyclist, I assumed I didn't need much physical improvement, but after a few sessions with Cameron, I quickly realized that only my cardio and quads were in top shape.  Cross training with weights made a tremendous difference.  The lower back pain that plagued me during long rides completely disappeared.  Cameron keeps it interesting and fresh, even after 10 years of working with him."


"Cameron has helped me recover from numerous injuries I have sustained over the last 15+ years.  He has coached me to a balanced level of strength, fitness and mobility that I have never had before.  His vast knowledge about how the body works, and his ability to explain every detail precisely and succinctly helps me stay motivated and progressing toward my goals."


Barbell with Weights

ACL Reconstruction

"After I tore my ACL skiing, I thought I would have to walk away from the sport.  My surgery and rehabilitation never fully restored my strength or range of motion, and my pain was persistent.  After working with Cameron  I am BEYOND fully recovered and back to being the mom who paces my teenage sons down the mountain."


"When my teenage daughter tore her ACL playing soccer, we were told it would take 12-18 months to be back to 100%.  Exactly 6 months after her surgery, she was back on the field, moving better and running faster than ever before.  She wasn't merely recovered, she was a better athlete than ever, and  leading her team to 3-peat as league champions, thanks to Cameron."


"I thought I was invincible in my 20's.  Unfortunately, that led me to a catastrophic injury in the gym while exercising on my own.  I grew frustrated as the list of things I "use to do" kept getting longer.  Finding Cameron allowed me to reclaim my active lifestyle in my 40's, and be even more fit than I was in my 20's, all while knowing my body is safe."


Image by Capstone Events

Parkinsons Disease

"I have been working out with Cameron since 2008 when I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  His program has made a tremendous difference in helping me gain and maintain strength, mobility, and balance.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body, using proper form to avoid injury during exercise, and how to achieve your fitness goals."


"I found my way to Cameron, luckily, very soon after receiving a disheartening Parkinson's diagnosis.  I was scared about the future- mostly concerned that I was destined for an inactive life.  He helped me turn around those worries by tackling predictable movement challenges.  With his help, I began to build up strength, muscle control, and knowledge about the disease.  All told, he helped me restore hope."


"Cam has been my personal trainer for many years.  I believe he is the top reason for helping slow down the progression of my Parkinson's symptoms.  My mind is stimulated by Cam's very knowledgeable explanations of the human body.  In turn, my body is benefitting from the efficient exercises Cam designed for my needs.  Half an hour of anaerobic work with Cam is worth an hour of exercise anywhere else.  I am grateful for the good karma that has put us together."


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